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How To Remove Pet Urine Stains and Odors from Rug or Carpet

Pets are family. We love them. We let them be the real bosses of the house. That doesn’t take away from the fact that they can also leave unsightly stains and unpleasant smells in our rugs. So what can you do to keep your furry babies and a home that smells fresh and clean? How…
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How to Prepare Your Valuable Rug for Storage

How To Prepare Your Rug For Storage from The Great American Rug Cleaning Co.   Luxurious, expensive rugs are fickle household décor items, which must be stored properly when not in use. Dangers like dirt, carpet beetles and moisture can ruin a beautiful rug over the course of a season and ruin a treasured family…
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The Ultimate Area Rug Placement Guide | Great American Rug Cleaning Company

There’s an onslaught of contradicting rules that dictate what you should and shouldn’t do when placing an area rug in your home. Rather than trying to follow the rules, keep these general guidelines in mind when making your choice. The Ultimate Area Rug Placement Guide from The Great American Rug Cleaning Co. The Ultimate Area…
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The History of Rugs

Nowadays, rugs are a convenient commodity used to dress up a hard floor, but they weren’t always used this way. Rugs started as practical tools, morphed into an exquisite art form and were later mass produced in the Western world, opening up the market to a wide swath of people who may not have been…
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