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Our Process

We Test Every Rug Before Cleaning

All rugs are unique. We thoroughly inspect every rug's material and condition to determine the best possible cleaning process for each individual rug.

Our Process is State-of-the-Art

Our Wolverine Rug Duster is the first step to experiencing the deep clean difference, removing up to one pound of dry soil. This piece of equipment loosens the deepest of dry soil embedded in your precious rug. We high pressure rinse and meticulously clean every square inch of your rug and hand treat the fringe, ensuring attention to every strand and every detail.

Rug being shampooed with a blend of cleaning agents specific to the composition and color-fastness of the rug.


We go a step further by mechanically shampooing your precious rug with a blend of cleaning agents specific to the composition and color-fastness of your rug.

Your rug receives the exclusive Centrum Star washing tub treatment, the finest rug cleaning system in the industry. This stainless steel proprietary system is specifically designed to gently and thoroughly wash every fiber in your rug using cleaning chemistry that makes dye transfers virtually impossible throughout the wash process.

Following the Centrum Star wash treatment, your rug is then rinsed and spun in the ultimate rug dryer, the state-of-the-art American-made Centri-Max centrifugal rug wringer, the world's first dual-port wringing centrifuge, spinning your rug at 900 r.p.m. to maximize moisture extraction. Moisture doesn't stand a chance against this powerhouse.

When the Centri-Max wringer process is complete, your precious rug is 95% dry and beautiful. We then carefully hang your rug in a climate-controlled environment, ensuring the rug is 100% dry prior to grooming and packaging.


Technicians inserting a washed and thoroughly rinsed rug into the Centri-Max Centrifugal rug wringer which will remove 95% of any moisture in the rug.

The Great American Rug Cleaning Company prides itself on being meticulous, professional, experienced, and trustworthy. There is no better service in the Houston and surrounding metroplex. Call us. We look forward to showing you first-hand how we have earned our reputation.

Drying rugs

Once the rug comes out of the Centri-Max, it is hung for final drying in our climate controlled drying station.


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