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Protective Coatings

Guardian Carpet Protection
Protective Coating

We use Guardian Carpet Protector and Fortifier, a professional strength protective coating that repels liquids and blocks dirty spots and stains on your valuable Oriental rugs or fine area rugs. Our protective coating is specifically designed to protect against dry, water-based and oil-based soils like dirt, spills, and debris from foot traffic. It cannot be seen or felt, yet it deters soil and stains from sticking and staining your rug. Your rug will be easier to clean and will stay cleaner longer between professional treatments. Our protective coating can also minimize any permanent damage caused by sharp debris like sand from fraying your rug's delicate fibers.



Don't lose your expensive area rug to moths and carpet beetles. Our topical MothGuard treatment can be applied to Oriental rugs and other fine wool rugs to deter insect infestation. It also offers an affordable insurance to your valuable rug without chemical odors or the terrible smell of mothballs.




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