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Persian Silk Rug Cleaned

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This Persian silk on silk rug had become soiled and had an overall dull-looking appearance. The Magnolia, TX owner of the rug wanted to see the rich, translucent color restored to the rug's tightly woven and closely clipped surface.

Although we provide pick-up and delivery services (free within 25 miles of Tomball), we also offer a 20% discount for walk-ins. The owner of this rug opted to bring it to us.


We used compressed air dusting for intensive soil removal, an especially effective treatment for this tightly woven fine rug. Then we shampooed the rug to give it a deep down clean. Our skilled technicians had the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively clean this rug using a special blend of cleaning agents specific to the composition and color fastness of the luxurious silk fibers.

Our thorough rinsing and drying processes left this beautiful rug truly clean and completely free of residues. When the owner came to pick up the rug, he was very satisfied with the results and eager to showcase his rug once again.

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