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Turkish Rug Pet Stain Removal

  • Pet Stained Rug
  • Pet Stains Removed


This 100% silk Turkish rug had several obvious pet stains and an overall dull and dingy appearance. The Montgomery, TX rug owner opted to waive the 20% discount we offer when clients bring their rugs to us, and instead have us pick up the rug, since we provide this complimentary service to anyone living within 25 miles of Tomball.


First, we gave the rug our usual intensive soil removal treatment. Then, we pretreated the stained areas with safe, yet powerful cleaning agents designed specifically for pet stains, with special enzymes to neutralize the biological odor. After allowing ample dwell time, we gave the rug a shampoo and a drying treatment that left the rug 95% moisture free. The final step was to spread the rug flat to finish drying.

You can see for yourself how the pet stains have virtually vanished between the BEFORE and AFTER images. We restored the clean and fresh texture and appearance. To learn more, visit our Fine Rug Cleaning Services page.

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