Children Protection

Our children and grandchildren can make messes anywhere. Crayon, marker, juice, and sticky stuff can really stain your valuable rug. Let us remove the reminders of what was left behind by the memories that were created.

Ultra Seal UV Protective Coating Services in the Greater Houston Area

Spills from little people are common in almost every home. All types of area rugs are prone to accidents. Successfully removing stains, as well as any odor left behind requires understanding the types of items and products that children play with and consume, like markers and juice. At Great American Rug Cleaning Company, our 10-point cleaning process is used for all stain removal & cleaning procedures.

While stain removal is possible, some may lead to permanent color damage.  After insuring the stain removal process, our certified technicians at Great American apply a protective coating to help guard against dry, water-based, and oil-based stains in the future. The protective coating is not included in our standard pricing. It is an additional $1.00 per square foot. To learn more about our products and services for residential and commercial customers in HoustonMontgomeryTomballThe Woodlands, and other cities within our service area, give us a call at (281) 255-2407 or click here to make an appointment today! 

Children Protection Treatments & Other Protective Coatings in Houston

  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection
  • Unique Tagging
  • Dry Soil Removal
  • Color Fast Testing
  • Pre-Conditioning
  • Centrum Star Wash Tub process
  • Rinsing
  • Centrum Max Rug Wringer
  • Post Wash/Wringer Inspection
  • Detailing and grooming in a climate-controlled drying process.

Submersion cleaning along with our advanced CentriMaxx rug wringer and climate-controlled drying process allows for a rapid dry time. This is very important as extended dry time can diminish the integrity of the rug. However certain silk and tufted rug may require low-moisture cleaning to maintain the structure of these particular rugs.