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The Ultimate Area Rug Placement Guide | Great American Rug Cleaning Company

There’s an onslaught of contradicting rules that dictate what you should and shouldn’t do when placing an area rug in your home. Rather than trying to follow the rules, keep these general guidelines in mind when making your choice.

The Ultimate Area Rug Placement Guide

Keep these style considerations in mind before placing a new area rug in your home.

Living Room Rug Placement

All Legs Off

Placing a small, bold-patterned rug and ringing it with furniture will add a pop of inspired design to your living room.

Front Legs On

Placing the front legs of furniture on a medium-sized rug will harmonize the room’s décor while lending a sense of proportion to the space.

All Legs On

Larger rugs establish a “pulled-together” look and leave room for all your furniture to rest completely on the rug.

Dining Room Rug Placement

Each chair should rest comfortably on a dining room rug, even when the chairs are pulled away from the table. Refer to these sizes in relation to your dining set style:


Perfect for smaller dining areas with seating for four.

8’x10’ or 9’x12’

Ideal for larger dining sets, accommodating six to eight chairs.

7’-9’ Round

Best for square tables that accommodate four to six chairs.

Bedroom Rug Placement

The optimal bedroom rug size is largely dependent on the size of your bed. Keep these dimensions in mind:

Full Size

5’x8’ rug placed horizontally under the bottom two-thirds of the bed

Queen Size

8’x10’ or 9’x12’ rug placed under the bed with space to reach out and place your feet comfortably on the rug when getting out of bed


8’x10’ or 9’x12’ rugs complement the grand look and dimensions of the entire room


9’x12’ rug is large enough to expose 18 to 24 inches in front and on the sides

Outdoor Area Rug Placement

Consider the furnishings in your outdoor space and then position the rug accordingly. The same spacing rules for a living or dining room can be applied to your outdoor area. A well-chosen area rug can add warm, soft textures and a splash of color to any leisure living space of your home.

Hallway Rug Placement

Corridors aren’t an ideal location for traditional rugs due to their narrow nature. Runners are the go-to choice for long stretches of flooring. It is best not to clutter these areas, so all furnishing legs should be left off rugs in these spaces.

Entryway Rug Placement

The best way to incorporate a rug into your entryway is to let the shape of the space dictate your rug choice. Whether you choose a round, rectangular or runner, use the width of your front door as a baseline. Also, check the pile height to ensure your door won’t snag on the run when it’s opened.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bend the Rules

These guidelines are a great place to start, but you shouldn’t be afraid to deviate from them. The important thing is that you’re happy with your home’s appearance. Try taking cues from the room and accenting the details when deciding which rug to buy.

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