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Fine area rugs should be professionally cleaned every two to four years to preserve their value and beauty. If you are in the Oak Ridge North, Texas area and your rugs are in need of professional cleaning or repair, please contact us for a free estimate. We provide the most outstanding fine rug cleaning and restorative services in Oak Ridge North and the greater Houston, TX area.

Complimentary pick up and delivery options are available with fine rug services over $175.

Fine Rug Cleaning

We offer a delicate, but thorough, Ten-Point Cleaning Process using the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Our experienced fine rug experts are thoroughly educated with the appropriate cleaning procedures and solutions for your unique type of fine rug. (Learn more)

Pet Odor Removal

Pet accidents on area rugs are a problem we see on a regular basis. Did you know that understanding the molecular construction of pet urine is an important step to removing pet odors? Learn how our expertise with this problem assures you of pet odor removal you can count on. (Learn more)

Fine Rug Repair and Restoration

Our specialty rug repair and restoration services include fringe repair, Oriental rug reweaving, secure rug side repair, and rug backing replacement. (Learn more)

Protective Coatings and MothGuard Treatments

We offer Protective Coating Treatment specifically designed to protect against dry, water-based and oil-based soils like dirt, spills, and debris from foot traffic. Our MothGuard Treatments deter insect infestation on your fine wool rugs. (Learn more)


Selling or insuring your fine rug? We provide certified appraisals. (Learn more)

Custom Rug Pads

We offer custom-fit rug pads that minimize slippage, help protect the wear of your fine rug, and create a luxurious cushion under your feet. (Learn more)

Oak Ridge North, Texas Oriental Rug and Fine Area Rug Cleaning and Repair Experts. Contact The Great American Rug Cleaning Company online or call 281-255-0024.


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