Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair Service in Brenham, TX

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair in Brenham, TX

Great American Rug Cleaning Company provides the best service for rug repair odor removal service in Brenham. When you need professional services for rug repair pet odor removal and pet protection, you can rely on our experts as they are highly trained and skilled. Not all rugs are the same, and different rugs need to be handled differently. Some rugs are more delicate, and the repair process is different.

When you need rug repair and odor removal services in Brenham, depend on the rug specialists of Great American Rug Cleaning Company.

We are committed to providing an expert rug cleaning service. Free estimates are waiting for you!

Rug Repair by Great American Rug Cleaning Company

Great American Rug Cleaning Company recovers and repairs damaged area rugs in many ways. Here are a few ways our specialists might repair rugs-

Rug Fringe Repair We replace or repair fringes on rugs.

Rug Serging Binding- Serging Binding is a technique for finishing the edges of rugs.

Rug Patching Reweaving We repair area rug holes and stitch tears and cuts with rug patching and reweaving.

Rug Backing Replacement- we may replace the rug backing with a new one.

Rug Side Repair Our specialists will repair the sides of the rugs through our rug side repair process.

Color Correction Dyeing– We will recover faded rugs through color correction dyeing.