Rug Pads

A custom-fit rug pad from Great American Rug Cleaning Company will preserve the life of your floor and rug.

High-Quality Pet Rug Pads in The Greater Houston Area

The best way to ensure a long life for all of your area rugs is to invest in a rug pad. Not only do rug pads slow the wear-and-tear damages caused by foot traffic, but they also reduce potential slippage and create a more luxurious feel. That is why Great American Rug Cleaning Company offers the best custom rug pad services for homeowners and business owners within our service area, including Houston, Montgomery, Tomball, and The Woodlands.

We have spent the past three decades as the Houston Metro Area’s leading provider of Oriental rug and area rug cleaning & repair services. That includes custom-fitting a rug pad to the size of your fine textile to extend its life cycle and minimize the chance of slipping. Our padding is hypoallergenic and made from synthetic materials that provide long life and won’t aggravate allergies. When you need our help, give us a call at 281-255-2407 to learn more.

Two Options for Rug Pads

We custom cut each pad or we can offer pre-cut dimensions.

Eco Design 1/8"

Size: Thin

Eco Preferred 3/16"

Size: Medium
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Help Us Reduce the Number of Rug Pads in Houston Area Landfills

At Great American, our goal is to reduce the rug pads in landfills throughout our Greater Houston service area by 10%! Help us by investing a top-quality, affordable, eco-friendly rug pad today! We provide the safest rug pad products available to protect your family, your home, and our planet. When you use a rug pad from Great American Rug Cleaning Company, the benefits include: