In the spring, when everything outside appears new and clean, your home is more likely to accumulate dirt and grime. Rugs are one of the aesthetically pleasing elements in your home. These rugs are also more prone to have embedded dust in springtime. When your rugs are not clean enough, it’s possible that allergens can widespread through the surrounding air and it can make you and the occupants sick. Besides, your rugs can get damaged over time if not cleaned properly.


Some Useful Tips to Spring Clean Your Rugs


While spring cleaning your home, you might overlook the necessity of cleaning your rugs. Maintaining the excellent condition of your rugs only requires a little care. Your rug will remain in the same condition for many years with the help of the following cleaning tips & tricks.


A Regular Vacuuming Routine: The experts recommend that vacuuming your rugs more often can bring a change. You can eliminate the excess dirt, pet fur, or other debris embedded in your rugs easily with a thorough vacuum cleaning. By this, you can keep a check on your luxurious rugs for any wear & tear.



Spot Any Stains: Most rugs can be spot cleaned by blotting recent stains with a clean cloth and soapy water. A solution of two cups of warm water and a teaspoon of vinegar with dishwashing soap may be effective on stubborn stains, like wine or pet stains. You might need to contact a professional for help if the stain is older.


Clean The Machine-washable Rugs: Not all the rugs can get cleaned in the washer. But there are some machine-washable rugs available that can be washed in a machine. This is a must-try cleaning method in spring cleaning. Make sure you air dry them properly after washing them. But you should only perform this technique if your rug is labeled as machine-washable.


Let The Rugs Breathe: After a heavy winter when spring comes, you should let them breathe in the fresh spring air. It will help the rugs to eliminate any odd smells. By doing this, you can expand the lifespan of the rug fibers.


Professional Rug Cleaning Service


Lastly, professional cleaning is all you need in order to keep your rug clean, fresh, and new alike. For that reason, you need a company that you can trust blindly with your luxurious rugs. Great American Rug Cleaning Company is one of the leading companies around HoustonKatyThe Woodlands, Tomball, and nearby regions, offering you the best rug cleaning, repair, odor removal, and other rug-relevant services.


Spring cleaning your rugs can make your home shine a lot brighter than usual. Following the above tips can help expand your rug’s life as well. So, keep your rugs fresh and healthy with the spring cleaning formula.