Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are often hand-knotted with bright, contrasting colors and precise geometric or floral designs. They are stunning pieces that stand out in your home and office. They also require a special cleaning and repair process to maintain their original beauty. We are the experts in caring for your Turkish rugs.

Turkish Rugs Cleaning in The Greater Houston Area

The finest highest-quality materials are used in the production of Turkish Rugs. Wool and silk that have been hand-spun are considered to be of considerably higher value than cotton or wool-cotton mixtures. The contrast between a cotton rug and a silk rug is so striking that it is impossible to miss. Because of this, Turkish Rugs often cost a premium price and need careful upkeep in order to retain their worth.

Since it is fragile compared to other types of rugs, it needs some special attention and residents and homeowners living around Houston, The Woodlands, and other cities throughout the Texas service area can rely on Great American Rug Cleaning Company for expert rug cleaning services. Call us at 281-225-2407 right now to take advantage of our premium services that you solely deserve from us at an affordable price.

Our 10-Point Process by Great American Rug Cleaning

  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection: All rugs are thoroughly pre-inspected with photo documentation before cleaning.
  • Rug ID Tag and Images Taken: Our unique tagging system helps us to understand our washed and unwashed rugs.
  • Dry Soil Removal: We use a compressed air as well as harmonic vibration to remove gritty dirt and dry soil.
  • Pet Odor, Soil Pre Treatment: Our pre-conditioning services are aimed at providing a deeper clean that targets any trouble areas.
  • MOR Machine Rinse Wringer Process: Each rug is rinsed thoroughly in our MOR Machine Rinse Wringer
  • Centrum Star Wash Tub Sanitation Bath: The Centrum Star Wash Tub is used by rug professionals to gently and thoroughly clean and sanitize rugs on a production basis.
  • Centrum Max Rug Wringer: The wringer enhances the drying process by removing over 90% of the moisture from rugs.
  • Climate Controlled Drying Room: Your rug is set to dry in our climate controlled drying room.
  • Final Fringe Cleaning and Detail: Final details and touches are made.
  • Post Cleaning Inspection and Wrapped for Transport: Washing a rug requires careful post-inspection. We the. hand wrap your clean rug!

Why Should You Consider Professional Rug Cleaning?

Compared to dry Turkish rugs, wet ones are a little more fragile. As a result, the repairs must be completed prior to the washing. As many loose dirt and dust particles are removed from the rug as possible before it is cleaned. In the presence of moisture, dirt and dust may be more damaging than in the absence of moisture. It’s not always simple to choose which soap and detergent are best suited to your Turkish rug since it needs special care.

Compounds made of inorganic materials, such as wool, may injure organic fibers. It’s critical that you just use a little pressure. If a Turkish rug is moist and delicate, scrubbing it too hard might actually damage it, making it impossible to get a decent clean. Wet rugs are delicate, therefore you must handle them with the expert care at all times. A single mistake in cleaning can ruin your precious Turkish Rug. That is why you should put your faith in a company like Great American Rug Cleaning Company, which provides expert rug cleaning services.

We are committed to providing expert rug cleaning services.

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