Antique Rugs

Antique rugs are special to the owner, often having a story with them that is passed down from generation to generation. We know that when we care for them, we have to pay close attention to the quality and value of the material. Rely on our Master Rug Cleaners to care for your antique rug.

Antique Rug Cleaning in The Greater Houston Area

Antique rugs are old but pretty stylish and rare. It may give your interior design a unique boho outlook. Being handmade, it requires delicate handling.

Because it is made of fine silk, wool, and cotton, and you may ruin its texture by washing it yourself, you need to be extra careful and have a professional handle it. Our highly trained Master Rug Cleaner certified professionals from Great American Rug Cleaning Company are always available to assist our clients. Our cleaning method will ensure that your antique rug looks brand new since we understand what our customers want and don’t use any toxic materials that might harm its fabric.

For the best rug cleaning service for your home or office at an affordable price near Houston, Montgomery, Tomball, The Woodlands, and other cities within our service area, just give us a call at (281) 255-2407 or reach us online for more queries.

Our 10-Point Process by Great American Rug Cleaning

  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection: All rugs are thoroughly pre-inspected with photo documentation before cleaning.
  • Rug ID Tag and Images Taken: Our unique tagging system helps us to understand our washed and unwashed rugs.
  • Dry Soil Removal: We use a compressed air as well as harmonic vibration to remove gritty dirt and dry soil.
  • Pet Odor, Soil Pre Treatment: Our pre-conditioning services are aimed at providing a deeper clean that targets any trouble areas.
  • MOR Machine Rinse Wringer Process: Each rug is rinsed thoroughly in our MOR Machine Rinse Wringer
  • Centrum Star Wash Tub Sanitation Bath: The Centrum Star Wash Tub is used by rug professionals to gently and thoroughly clean and sanitize rugs on a production basis.
  • Centrum Max Rug Wringer: The wringer enhances the drying process by removing over 90% of the moisture from rugs.
  • Climate Controlled Drying Room: Your rug is set to dry in our climate controlled drying room.
  • Final Fringe Cleaning and Detail: Final details and touches are made.
  • Post Cleaning Inspection and Wrapped for Transport: Washing a rug requires careful post-inspection. We the. hand wrap your clean rug!

What Are The Common Causes of Dirty Rugs?

Rugs might be the most pleasant sort of flooring because of their very soft fabric. But it can become dirty for a number of unpleasant reasons:
Antique Rug Cleaning
Antique Rug

Why Choose Great American Rug Cleaning Company?

We always handle the rugs of our esteemed customers professionally across our service area. Our certified master rug cleaning expert’s primary goal is to provide our clients with excellent work at reasonable costs. Below are a few reasons to choose us for antique rug cleaning:

Get Your Rug Repaired by The Great American Rug Cleaning Company

Without expert help, it is impossible to repair your rug on your own. Therefore, if you need your rugs cleaned professionally. We have been in this industry since 1993 and have always worked hard to offer excellent customer service since that time, contact us online or call us right away at 281-225-2407.

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